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Magda Navarrete is a professional singer, performer, flamenco dancer and voice coach. She sings in 12 different languages, creates musical projects combining Balkan, Flamenco, Latin and Jewish music. "World music fusion" is the best way to describe Magda Navarrete’s creative curriculum.

She has performed all over the world, from Canada to Uruguay, from Finland to Spain. In festivals like “Dublin Fringe Festival” in Ireland or “Folk Alliance” in Canada & biggest venues in her homeland - Poland: “NOSPR in Katowice”, “Polonia Theatre”, “Syrena Theatre”. She creates her own theatre plays and makes her concerts an unforgettable experience, mixing dance and singing in her shows.


Why 7 lives?

She was born in Poland, with Slavic and Jewish roots. While studying music and Anthropology, she lived in Madrid and Seville - where she sang and danced with flamenco musicians and learned from the flamenco masters. Married to Uruguayan Singer – the Latin market happened to be so present in her life. In South America she developed a close relationship with the local music market: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela. Czech Republic also become a second home for her for few years since she found her favorite Brass Band in Prague, and together they created “Caravana Banda”.

She lived for many years between Poland and Spain. Currently lives in Málaga. Magda Navarrete, as a musician and Anthropologist was always exploring and experiencing these cultures in which she had settled, digging deeper into ethnical music. As her life is a crazy mixture of influences, so is her music.

Her 4 albums: “CHILLI” - WARNER MUSIC, mixes up jazz and bolero.Rated by ELLE’s Magazine as most popular album, “IMAN” - AGORA, mixes electronics and bolero, “WARSZAWSKI LUTOSŁAWSKI” - AGORA, the only album in polish, contains compositions of genius composer: Witold Lutoslawski – performed by a string orchestra, “MEZIHRA” - IBERIA RECORDS, the artist co-creates with Czech composer and arranger Tomas Prusa a Polish-Czech band - "Caravana Banda". Together they present to the world a unique blend of flamenco and Balkan music.

As a TV presenter of "Good Morning TVN" Magda Navarrete travelled to Venezuela, filming a series of programs featuring the culture and music of this country. She has also worked in Polish radio and television productions connected with music and dance: "Dancing with the Stars", "Przebojowa Noc", "BODO", Elle Style Awards.

Magda Navarrete has also collaborated on numerous musical and festival productions around the world, including Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, USA, Romania, Germany, Morocco, Ireland, Finland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Russia, UK.

She has also worked closely with theatres creating music and dance performances, staged in Poland and abroad. She has cooperated with Warsaw's most renowned theatres: Polonia, OCH, Roma, Syrena, as well as with the Arts Centre of Belfast or Art Centre Sofia. Magda is also performing the vocal part in the musical theatre project, "Flamenco Passionately" directed by Krystyna Janda, an outstanding Polish director.

She is currently working on the new Caravana Banda’s album in Spain.

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Magda Navarrete has been developing her talent and honing her vocal skills since she started singing and dancing at the age of 9. She studied music at the Komeda’s School of Popular Music and Jazz in Warsaw, Anthropology in Madrid and Flamenco Dance & Singing in Madrid’s “Amor de Dios” School and Seville’s “Manuel Betanzos” and “Alicia Marques” schools.

Her story to become a voice coach started when she lost her own voice at the age of 26. She travelled to LA to study with Seth Riggs, who has trained stars such as Steve Wonder and Natalie Cole. But most importantly she discovered a whole new method of teaching and approaching the human voice. Since then, she hasn’t stopped studying and developing her teaching skills. Now she has created the most scientific as well as artistic approach to Voice Training. Through Modern Vocal Training Education she teaches this approach along with world specialist.

Thanks to frequently traveling to Latin America, she has had the opportunity to work with, and learn, from the most eminent Latin American bolero artists, such as: Estellita del Llano or Victor Hugo.


Magda Navarrete has been training singers, working with stage artists and actors for over ten years: organizing series of vocal workshops in Poland, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Bulgaria, Brazil, and Uruguay among others. She has trained and prepared actors for television and theatre productions. Also worked as a guest lecture teacher for Complete Vocal Institute in Denmark.

The insights and experiences gained from teaching all over the world and being a member of several vocal organisations, led to the founding, together with Andres Martorell - her husband – of Modern Vocal Training - a revolutionary international organisation that teach singers all over the world in voice techniques with the goal of providing the best knowledge and development opportunities for other singers and artists.

Currently Magda Navarrete is the director and a member of the Educational Team of Modern Vocal Training Institute and teaches teachers and singers from all over the world. She also runs and organises other 2 educational projects: European Vocal Camp - Singers Paradise - an annual 9-day workshop that unites vocalists from over thirty different countries, and the World Voice Teachers Expo, an annual event where voice teachers can learn from different approaches to Vocal Technique.

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  • "Mezihra" with Caravana Banda (2017) - This album is characterized by incredible energy and musical artistry, balkan and flamenco fusion with slavic folklore influences. 10 different languages, traditional and original melodies.
  • "Warsaw Lutoslawski" with Piotr Steczek and a string orchestra (2015) - The album, published by Agora, captures the magical retro atmosphere of songs written by composer Witold Lutoslawski in the 1950s and 1960s under the pseudonym "Derwid".
  • "IMAN" Magda Navarrete (2010) - the album mixes bolero and electronics using old vinyls with retro singers. Also this album includes a duet with Stanislaw Soyka - famous polish singer, who brought the artist recognition of the press and media in Poland.
  • "Chilli" with Noche de Boleros (2007) - released by Warner Music, distributed in Polish, Spanish and German markets. The unusual Spanish-language interpretation of the popular Polish tango from the 30s "This last Sunday" - "El ultimo Domingo" brought fame to the artist.
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