Vocal freedom

Voice technique is the basis of being able to express yourself freely. “To be able to easily communicate our artistic ideas to the world we must know how our instrument works and know its strengths and weaknesses, only then we can feel true vocal freedom” - says Magda Navarrete.

Modern Vocal Training

An extensive voice coaching and artist development program, Modern Vocal Training helps teachers from all around the world to improve every aspect of their talents. Our educational team of world class touring teachers and performers has worked with Grammy Award winners, Multi-Platinum artists, top-charting Billboard Artists, Laurence Olivier award winners, and has lectured at some of the world’s finest universities. Magda Navarrete is Modern Vocal Training Founder and Director. Member of Educational Team.

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European Vocal Camp

Vocal camp suits everyone who wants to improve their voice, performance and musicality.

Nine days, annual workshop for singers from all around the world created, organised ten years in the row.

Includes: vocal technique, musicality and style while relaxing in a beautiful summer camp. Top voice coaches from all over the world

including: USA, France, UK, Switzerland, Ireland, Singapore, Uruguay, Bulgaria and Poland. Our workshops are designed for all levels, from amateur to professional singers and actors.

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Private Lessons

Magda Navarrete teaches singers of all levels, from complete beginners to professionals. Among her students are professional musicians and singers, theatre artists, but also people for whom singing is a hobby. Her vocal technique and teaching method makes her able to help vocalists regardless of the style of music they practice - from jazz to rock'n'roll.

Lessons with Magda Navarrete are a huge dose of knowledge about voice technique, the latest research on the voice but most of all - practice. She believes that there is an inner musician in everyone and she can effectively bring it out.

Music is liberating, singing is touching your real YOU. Everyone should sing - Magda Navarrete convinces. She teaches singers of all levels, from beginners to professionals. The only condition to take a class with her is to want to work hard… and find a date for an appointment.

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